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rangiferine (not comparable)

  1. Relating to, or resembling, the reindeer or caribou.
    • 1958, Léon Croizat, Panbiogeography: The Old World, page 1419:
      Prior to the Glacial Ages there developed out of a generalized rangiferine ancestor in possession of the whole of boreal Eurasia and North America a number of local "reindeers", and "caribous", of which one held generally Europe (Barren Ground Reindeer), the other (Woodland Reindeer) generally Siberia.
    • 1972, Kenneth A. Neiland, Caribou Disease Studies, page 12:
      Our findings in this preliminary investigation of the pathologic potential of this rangiferine species of Sarcocystis must be qualified as follows.
    • 2006, Robert S. Youngquist, Current Therapy in Large Animal Theriogenology[1]:
      There is debate asto whether rangiferine brucellosis spread to North America across the Bering Sea land bridge duringthelast iceage,orifit was introduced in imported Russian reindeer around 1900.