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From the same Proto-Indo-European root as Lithuanian rekles (scaffolding), Old Church Slavonic ратисте (ratiste, staff, spear), Latin rētae (trees standing on the bank of a stream). Also possibly connected to the Germanic roots of rood and rod.


ratis f (genitive ratis); third declension

  1. (nautical) raft


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative ratis ratēs
Genitive ratis ratum
Dative ratī ratibus
Accusative ratem ratēs
Ablative rate ratibus
Vocative ratis ratēs




  1. dative masculine plural of ratus
  2. dative feminine plural of ratus
  3. dative neuter plural of ratus
  4. ablative masculine plural of ratus
  5. ablative neuter plural of ratus
  6. ablative feminine plural of ratus


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