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From raud(āt) (to cry) +‎ -iens.


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raudiens m (1st declension)

  1. crying, weeping (shedding of tears, usually accompanied by uneven breathing (sobbing) and unarticulated sounds, caused by one's emotional state)
    sīks smiekliņš ne par ko, ātrs raudiens, arī gluži ne par ko...little giggling without any reason, quick crying also really about nothing...
    viņš atcerējās, kā tēvs mazam bija mācijis: ja tev nāk raudiens, tad lūko iedomāties kaut ko jocīguhe remembered how (his) father had taught the little one: if you feel crying, tears coming, then try to think about something funny (so as not to cry)
    Marta, galvu mazgājot, laida raudienu vaļa, kad ziepes vēl lāgā nebija viņas galvu pat redzējušasMarta, washing her head, let the crying, tears come out, while the soap hadn't quite seen (= touched) her head yet