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re- +‎ examination


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re-examination (plural re-examinations)

  1. A second or subsequent examination.
    • 1961 December, “Talking of Trains: Manpower economy”, in Trains Illustrated, page 712:
      Mr. Dunbar also urged re-examination of present track maintenance methods.
    • 2023 March 8, David Clough, “The long road that led to Beeching”, in RAIL, number 978, page 42:
      Barker believed that evidence was emerging that a "solid proportion" of operations were "grossly uneconomic", and that no amount of improvement in equipment would make them viable. He suggested that "while the superstructure of the report is correct, the foundations require radical re-examination".
  2. (law) Subsequent questioning of a witness after cross-examination.
  3. (law, US) In United States patent law, a procedure under which an issued patent is returned to the examiner to determine if it remains valid in light of newly discovered prior art.


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