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re- +‎ access


reaccess (third-person singular simple present reaccesses, present participle reaccessing, simple past and past participle reaccessed)

  1. (transitive, chiefly computing) To access again.
    • 1993, Fred M. Lilienstein, Magnetics engineering fundamentals and computer-aided design solutions
      It is interesting to note that this loop reaccesses the primary loop via line 4510 causing a jump to line 4105.


reaccess (plural reaccesses)

  1. (chiefly computing) A second or subsequent access.
    page reaccesses
  2. (archaic) A second or subsequent approach; a return.
    • Hakewill
      To pass the quailing and withering of all things by the recess, and their reviving by the reaccess of the sun, the sap in trees precisely follows the motion of the sun.