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rebirthing (usually uncountable, plural rebirthings)

  1. (spirituality) Rebirth.
  2. (video games, online gaming) An act of resetting a player character's level to its initial value (i.e., 1) while retaining equipment and/or some skills (a feature that allows a player to try out different classes or builds).
  3. (New Age) The practice of simulating the birth process by wrapping a child tightly in blankets from which it must struggle to escape, as an intended treatment for attachment disorder.
  4. (Australia, automotive, slang) The practice of transferring identifying parts of a wrecked car (registration plates, compliance plate, etc.) onto a stolen car of the same make and model, allowing the stolen car to be sold with the identity of the wreck.
    • 2004, Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2004 Year Book Australia, Number 86, page 325,
      Other investigations include South-East Asian organised crime, money laundering and tax fraud on the Commonwealth, vehicle rebirthing and identity fraud.
    • 2010, James Morton, Susanna Lobez, Gangland Australia, page 335,
      They are also involved in cannabis dealing, vehicle theft, car rebirthing, currency counterfeiting and fraud.
    • 2010, Adam Shand, Big Shots: Inside Melbourne′s Gangland Wars, page 180,
      New bosses were running things now – the hydro marijuana houses, the standover and the car rebirthing.
  5. (Internet, paraphilia) The role-playing practice of bodily crawling into and reemerging from a simulated vagina.

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