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re- +‎ block


reblock (third-person singular simple present reblocks, present participle reblocking, simple past and past participle reblocked)

  1. (transitive) To block, prevent, or hamper again.
    • 2010, Syed Ali, Dubai: gilded cage (page 58)
      It is not just bad news about Dubai that gets blocked from the Internet; [] a whole range of other social networking sites have been blocked, unblocked and reblocked.
  2. (transitive) To remould (a hat) into its original shape.
    • 1951, Bernice Gertrude Chambers, Color and design: fashion in men's and women's clothing and home furnishings
      Reputable dry cleaners can clean and reblock a hat.
  3. (transitive, theater) To block, or specify the position of, (actors on the stage) again.