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recapture ‎(plural recaptures)

  1. The act of capturing again.
    The recapture of the escaped prisoner made the news.
  2. That which is captured back; a prize retaken.



recapture ‎(third-person singular simple present recaptures, present participle recapturing, simple past and past participle recaptured)

  1. to capture something for a second or subsequent time, especially after a loss
    The warden hoped to recapture the escaped prisoners before they reached the town.
    New engine designs permit the vehicle to recapture the kinetic energy lost through braking
    • 2012 September 7, Phil McNulty, “Moldova 0-5 England”, BBC Sport:
      Gerrard was replaced by Michael Carrick at the start of the second half and a sloppy passage of play followed in which England struggled to recapture the momentum and rhythm of their earlier work.