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Either from Middle French reconqueste or from re- +‎ conquest.


reconquest (countable and uncountable, plural reconquests)

  1. The act or process of conquering something again, such as a territory.
    the reconquest of Spain
    • 1981, Anouar Abdel-Malek, Social Dialectics: Nation and Revolution, page 13:
      On the other hand, the nationalitarian phenomenon is one in which the struggle against the imperialist powers of occupation has as its object, beyond the clearing of the national territory, the independence and sovereignty of the national State, uprooting in depth the positions of the ex-colonial power— the reconquest of the power of decision in all domains of national life, the prelude to that reconquest of identity which is at the heart of the renaissance undertaken on the basis of fundamental national demands, and ceaselessly contested, by every means available, on every level, and notably on the internal level'.

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