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redden +‎ -er


reddener (plural reddeners)

  1. Agent noun of redden; someone or something which reddens.
    • 1968, Janey Ironside, A Fashion Alphabet‎, p. 191:
      Henna, a vegetable extract, was one of the earliest known dyes and is still used as a reddener for hair; nitrate of silver and gum water, walnut juice, iron rust, vinegar - all sorts of recipes have been tried over the years...
    • 1895, William Morris, The Saga Library‎, p. 492:
      Reddener of eagles' footsoles: "arnar il-rjóðr" = "rjóðr arnar ilja," who provides bleeding corpses for eagles to stand on and tear, warrior, Magnus the Good.