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red +‎ link


redlink (plural redlinks)

  1. Alternative form of red link
    • 2008, Phoebe Ayers, Charles Matthews, & Ben Yates, How Wikipedia Works: And How You Can Be a Part of It, No Starch Press (2008), ISBN 9781593271763, page 250:
      If you add a category to an article, but the category doesn't exist yet, it displays as a redlink in the article's list of categories.
    • 2010, John K. Waters, The Everything Guide to Social Media: All You Need to Know About Participating in Today's Most Popular Online Communities, Adams Media (2010), ISBN 1440506310, page 182:
      Hyperlinks on Wikipedia are rendered in blue text, but you'll also find links rendered in red. These "redlinks" are hyperlinks that don't yet lead to anything. If you click on a redlink, you'll end up on a page that needs content, which you're not only free to add, but encouraged to.
    • 2004 October 11, William M. Connelly, “Re: Clear signals showing anthropogenic global warming consequences?”, in sci.environment, Usenet[1]:
      Did wiki ever have one? Some wiki pages get deleted but GCMI would be unlikely. has a redlink to it, but that only means someone once thought they might oneday create it.