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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English drinklen, drinkelen, drenklen (to plunge, drown), from Old English *drenclian (to drown), frequentative form of Old English drenċan (to give to drink, give drink to, drench, make drunk, ply with drink; soak, saturate; submerge, drown, plunge; sink), equivalent to drink +‎ -le and drench +‎ -le. Compare dronkle, drunkle.


drinkle (third-person singular simple present drinkles, present participle drinkling, simple past and past participle drinkled)

  1. (transitive) To cause to drink; drench; drown; drink; get drunk.
    • 1921, George Henry Borrow, Lavengro, the scholar, the Gypsy, the priest:
      And the Mercury states that "the heavy rain drenched the field, and most betook themselves to a retreat, but the rats were all drinkled".
    • 1965, John Treadwell Nichols, The Sterile Cuckoo:
      We built a fire in the huge fireplace, then sat around drinkling bootleg beer and whiskey, compliments of Joe himself, Valley High's greatest athlete.
    • 2009, Claire Kilroy, All names have been changed:
      'Get this one into bed and it's a royal flush!' His face twinkled, his gums sparkled, his eyes kindled, his brow darkened. I bridled and bristled, nettled and rankled, then drinkled and drankled some more.
  2. (intransitive) To drown.

Derived terms[edit]