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re- +‎ flow


reflow (third-person singular simple present reflows, present participle reflowing, simple past and past participle reflowed)

  1. (intransitive) To flow back again.
    The sea flows and reflows.
  2. (transitive, chiefly engineering) To cause to flow again, to remelt.
    Reflowing solder is a common form of rework in the manufacture of printed circuit boards: you heat up the solder and it flows where it should have flowed the first time.
  3. (transitive, computing, wordprocessing) To modify the layout of text around other objects in a document.
    • 2008, Trish Meyer, Chris Meyer, Creating motion graphics with After Effects
      The latter option will reflow text to even out the spacing within each paragraph.


reflow (plural reflows)

  1. A flowing back again.
    the flow and reflow of the tide
  2. (computing) The process of recreating the layout of a document when some of its component elements have changed.