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re- +‎ instate



reinstate (third-person singular simple present reinstates, present participle reinstating, simple past and past participle reinstated)

  1. (transitive) To restore to a former position or rank.
    • 2020 April 8, Paul Stephen, “ECML dive-under drives divergence”, in Rail, page 44:
      Of these nine days, six will be needed for jacking. The remainder of the time will be given over to removing and then reinstating track and overhead line, power and signalling equipment from a 200-metre stretch of the ECML above.
  2. (transitive) To bring back into use or existence; resurrect.
    • 2020 December 2, Paul Bigland, “My weirdest and wackiest Rover yet”, in Rail, page 67:
      My trip along the rest of the line is delightful. It's yet another route that has recovered from previous rationalisation by having tracks and platforms reinstated in recent years.

Derived terms[edit]