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Alternative forms[edit]


re- +‎ mobilization



remobilization (plural remobilizations)

  1. The return of a substance to circulation within a system, such as substances which had been locked in sediments.
    • 2004, A.J. Wilson et al., “In-channel storage of fine sediment in rivers of Southwest England”, in Sediment Transfer Through the Fluvial System[1], →ISBN, page 293:
      The sediment content of this sample was assumed to reflect the remobilization of fine sediment mantling the surface and contained within the bed material matrix.
  2. (medicine) A return to mobility.
    • 1961, I.F. Dersch, US Patent 3088457: Therapeutic Device[2], page 4:
      this result is entirely satisfactory and offers possibilities of gradual remobilization of unfit individuals or inducing them to take a first step towards renewing active lives.