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rent strike (plural rent strikes)

  1. A form of social or economic protest in which tenants who rent housing, commercial space, or other property act as a group to refuse to pay their rent until the landlord makes demanded improvements to the property or to the terms of the rental contracts.
    • 1942 July 11, "Protest Government Rent Control," Ludington Daily News (Michigan, USA), p. 1 (sub-headline) (retrieved 1 Nov 2011):
      Detroit Union Plans Rent Strike if Apartment Owners Get 5 Percent Increases.
    • 1981 Feb. 19, "The City: Rent Strike Settled At Ansonia Hotel," New York Times (retrieved 1 Nov 2011):
      A rent strike for the last year by tenants of the Ansonia Hotel, at Broadway and 73d Street, was settled. . . . Tenants complained about incoveniences arising from the new owners' attempts to renovate.
    • 2009 Oct. 24, Sarah Bridge, "Publicans threaten beer tie rent strike," (retrieved 1 Nov 2011):
      Angry publicans are planning a rent strike against landlords Punch Taverns and Enterprise Inns after last week's Office of Fair Trading ruling that the beer tie between tenants and pub companies was not anti-competitive.