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From re- +‎ privatization; coined as early as 1936. Possibly based on German Reprivatisierung (reprivatization).


reprivatization (plural reprivatizations)

  1. (economics) The process or an instance of returning to private ownership.
    • 1936 August 1, The Economist:
      Re-privatisation,’ as it is called, has, however, been under way in the cases of all three banks. Some 40 per cent of the G.D. Bank’s holding of Deutsche-Disconto shares had passed back into private hands by the end of 1935. The new advance of bank shares to above par ought to smooth the way for complete ‘re-privatisation.’
    • 2009 March 8, Alan S. Blinder, “Nationalize? Hey, Not So Fast”, in New York Times[1]:
      POLITICAL OBSTACLES The process of nationalization and reprivatization went amazingly well in Sweden partly because it was remarkably free of political interference.

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