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1806, re- +‎ spell.


respell (third-person singular simple present respells, present participle respelling, simple past and past participle respelled or respelt)

  1. (transitive) To spell again.
    • 1864, Henry Barnard, editor, The American Journal of Education, volume 14, Hartford: H. Barnard, page 293:
      A child is learning to spell, but no special pains are taken to make him respell, and respell, until spelled aright, every misspelled word.
    1. (transitive) To spell differently, especially according to pronunciation, or by a phonetic system.
      • 1860, Joseph Emerson Worcester, A comprehensive Dictionary of the English Language, Boston: Swan, Brewer, and Tileston, page 19:
        It may be hardly necessary to respell most of the words of this class in order to give their pronunciation, as, in their common orthography, they are naturally pronounced correctly, with the appropriate sound of the g.

Derived terms[edit]