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re- +‎ spin


respin (third-person singular simple present respins, present participle respinning, simple past and past participle respun)

  1. To spin again.
  2. To tell a story in a new way.
    • 1999 March 12, Monica Kendrick, “Prague Rock”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      Even the Plastic People's weathered, been-through-hell aging-radical looks can be respun as romantic now that their revolution has safely succeeded.


respin (plural respins)

  1. The process of spinning something again.
    • 2006, Shmuel Ur, ‎Eyal Bin, ‎Yaron Wolfsthal, Hardware and Software, Verification and Testing: First International Haifa Verification Conference
      A post-manufacture, but pre-deployment bug may result in one or more respins of silicon and each respin is estimated to run at several millions of dollars in mask and other costs.