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re- +‎ spin


respin (third-person singular simple present respins, present participle respinning, simple past and past participle respun)

  1. To spin again.
    • 1907, Barbara Baynton, edited by Sally Krimmer and Alan Lawson, Human Toll (Portable Australian Authors: Barbara Baynton), St Lucia: University of Queensland Press, published 1980, page 288:
      But was not that the cobweb which she had wrecked? Had she without knowing turned back, or was it another web? Calmly, and again undismayed, the spider was industriously respinning in repair.
  2. To tell a story in a new way.
    • 1999 March 12, Monica Kendrick, “Prague Rock”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      Even the Plastic People's weathered, been-through-hell aging-radical looks can be respun as romantic now that their revolution has safely succeeded.


respin (plural respins)

  1. The process of spinning something again.
    • 2006, Shmuel Ur, Eyal Bin, Yaron Wolfsthal, Hardware and Software, Verification and Testing: First International Haifa Verification Conference:
      A post-manufacture, but pre-deployment bug may result in one or more respins of silicon and each respin is estimated to run at several millions of dollars in mask and other costs.