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re- +‎ surface


resurface (third-person singular simple present resurfaces, present participle resurfacing, simple past and past participle resurfaced)

  1. (intransitive) To come once again to the surface
    His body finally resurfaced after three years underwater.
  2. (transitive) To provide a new surface, to replace or remodel the surface of something, or to restore a surface. To put a new coating or finish on a surface.
    A zamboni is a big machine that resurfaces ice at a rink so it is smooth as glass for the skaters.
  3. (intransitive) To arise or become evident again. To re-occur or reappear.
    • 2017 August 13, Brandon Nowalk, “Oldtown offers one last game-changing secret as Game Of Thrones goes behind enemy lines (newbies)”, in The Onion AV Club[1]:
      Subplots that might have been fun to explore were relegated or eventually sidelined altogether in the case of characters like Gendry, who disappeared for years and finally resurfaces as a blacksmith in King’s Landing, literally waiting for the call to his hero’s journey.
  4. (transitive, rare) To make something reappear.
    • 1991 Fall, Vigen Guroian, “Armenian genocide and Christian existence.”, in Cross Currents, volume 41, number 3, page 3322:
      Tourian's poem exhibits a central strand of the Catholic tradition which has been suppressed in Armenian religious life but needs to be resurfaced.
  5. (of a person) To come out of hiding or obscurity.