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  1. present participle of retail


retailing (countable and uncountable, plural retailings)

  1. The business of selling directly to the consumer; retail.
    • 1834, Baron Edward Bulwer Lytton Bart, The Last Days of Pompeii:
      It is not without interest to observe in those remote times, and under a social system so widely different from the modern, the same small causes that ruffle and interrupt the "course of love," which operate so commonly at this day; -- the same inventive jealousy, the same cunning slander, the same crafty and fabricated retailings of petty gossip, which so often now suffice to break the ties of the truest love, and counteract the tenor of circumstances most apparently propitious.
    • 1896, Meehans' Monthly:
      Where abundance is a point, rather than fine fruit for retailings, as in some districts in the South, seedling peaches are preferred to the grafted kinds.
    • 2009, K.V. S. Madaan, Fundamentals of Retailing, →ISBN, page 298:
      A cold chain refers to the procurement, warehousing, transportation, and retailing of products under controlled temperature conditions.