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From right +‎ -hood.


righthood (uncountable)

  1. The condition, state, or quality of being right; rightness.
    • 1913, Michigan Public Health - Page 79:
      And our children's children's children will thank us for this day, For rising up in the righthood and showing them the way.
    • 1979, Wesley E. Cooper, Kai Nielsen, Steven C. Patten, New essays on John Stuart Mill and utilitarianism:
      We are, in short, visiting some actual or potential disutility on violators or potential violators of the right. This is the cost of rights. In order for society to be justified in erecting them, therefore, the various actions which qualify for righthood must have at least enough utility . . . to offset the cost.
  2. (law) The state of being a right, or being recognised as a right.
    • 1992, Philip Alston, Stephen Parker (LL.B.), John A. Seymour, Children, Rights, and the Law - Page 227:
      'Righthood' is achieved only when sufficient duties or powers are conferred on others that the claim can realistically be realized.