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river +‎ -ine


riverine (comparative more riverine, superlative most riverine)

  1. Of or pertaining to rivers, or located on or by a river
    • 2004, Don Moll, The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles[1], page 46:
      It is perhaps instructive to note that tropical riverine batagurids, although more similar to other river-dwelling lineages in reproductive patterns than to other semi-aquatic and terrestrial batagurids, still tend to have lower fecundities and bigger eggs relative to their body sizes than do the other groups (e.g., riverine emydids, trionychids, and podocnemids) (Moll & Moll, 1990).
    • 2017: We don’t need to save endangered species. Extinction is part of evolution" by R. Alexander Pyron in the Washington Post
      When beavers make a dam, they cause the local extinction of numerous riverine species that cannot survive in the new lake.