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road +‎ -man


roadman (plural roadmen)

  1. A man who builds or repairs roads.
    • 1913, Worcestershire County Council, Minutes of the Proceedings (page 207)
      Ernest Tipping had known the road for over 35 years and seen the roadman repairing it.
    • 2008 January 28, Edward Rothstein, “Novel to Screen to Stage: Evolving, Step by Step”, in New York Times[1]:
      Any reader turning to the original novel would hardly recognize it in the shadow of Hitchcock’s film, so preoccupied is it with describing the glens and heathery mountains of the Scottish highlands, inhabited with an unlikely cavalcade of native eccentrics: an innkeeper with literary aspirations, a Liberal candidate with pacifist sympathies, a lower-class roadman laid up by drink, a bald archaeologist who isn’t quite what he seems.