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robot +‎ -oid


roboid (plural roboids)

  1. (science fiction) A robotic creature.
    • 1974, Michael Moorcock, The shores of death
      A roboid waiter, human-like but running on hidden casters, paused with a tray of drinks.
    • 1998, Nigel Kerner, Song of the Greys
      The terrifying thing about all of this is that we now have a distinct possibility that a hive of aliens with their attendant purely biomechanical roboids the Greys, from another part of our universe, are intercepting and intervening in the affairs of our species.
    • 2009, Arnold J. Inzko, The Siblings' Legacy
      It is their challenge, with the help of Tania, a roboid, to adapt the siblings to their new environment.