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rock +‎ -ist


rockist (plural rockists)

  1. (derogatory) One who subscribes to rockism.
    • 1987, New Society (volume 82)
      The basic thesis of the book is that generations of British rockists attended art school and that this explains the distinction and domination of Britpop.
    • 1995, Donald Clarke, The rise and fall of popular music: part 2:
      Rockists would maintain that their music has progressed since 1956, but there is so little musical difference between rock and pop that many of the artists would be impossible to place in one camp or the other.
    • 2006 May 25, Paul Morley, “Rockism - it's the new rockism”, in The Guardian[1]:
      If the idea of rockism confused you, and you lazily thought Pink Floyd were automatically better than Gang of Four, and that good music had stopped with punk, you were a rockist and you were wrong.