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roll-your-own (plural roll-your-owns)

  1. A type of cigarette made by the smoker by rolling loose tobacco in a rectangle of paper.
    • 1979, Bernard D. Reams, Internal Revenue Acts of the United States, 1909-1950: Legislative Histories, Laws, and Administrative Documents, Volume 29, page 143,
      [] and when you raise the 10-cent cigarette, on which you get the same tax as you do on the higher-priced cigarette, the increase in roll-your-owns will go right ahead and cause a diminution in consumption due to that higher cost.
    • 1986, Keri Hulme, Te Kaihau: The Windeater, page 108,
      You remember that, first of all, you never smoked anything but roll-your-owns? Tasman Gold Cut, and Zigzag rice papers. And you had this neat way of being able to roll a thin tight cigarette without looking at what your fingers were doing.
    • 1999, Ian R. Tyrrell, Deadly Enemies: Tobacco and its Opponents in Australia, page 115,
      A great many pipe smokers, apart from the many who simply died of old age, seem to have shifted to roll-your-owns, while a significant proportion of the tailor-made market went to women and younger male smokers.