romp in the hay

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romp in the hay (uncountable)

  1. (euphemistic) A session of sexual intercourse.
    • Brenda (20 June 2019) , “JUST BRENDA: He likes me but is scared of commitment”, in Daily Nation[1]: “Don't let him waste your time like a rat on the highway if it isn't going anywhere. He knows you want a relationship when clearly what he wants is a romp in the hay.”
    • Nicole Pajer (18 October 2018) , “Is It Normal To Cramp After Sex?”, in Huffington Post Life[2]: “You just finished a nice romp in the hay and are feeling great. But then you notice a tightening sensation down below. What gives?”
    • Erin Celletti (6 December 2018) , “How Much Sex Does It Take to Make a Baby?”, in Brides[3]: “Some babies are conceived on the first try, with just one unprotected romp in the hay to thank. Others can take lots and lots of practice, medical interventions, procedures, and more. How can this be?”