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Probably a back-formation from rorty (boisterous or rowdy, saucy, dissipated, or risqué). Originally slang but now in common usage.



rort (plural rorts)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand) A scam or fraud, especially involving the misappropriation of public money or resources.
    • 2008, Australian House of Representatives, Parliamentary Debates (Hansard), page 4067,
      Not all of the projects were bad or rorts; the majority were no doubt valuable to their communities.
    • 2009, Justine Vaisutis, Australia, Lonely Planet, page 81,
      It′s one of the great rorts in Australia that for overstaying your welcome (even by five minutes) in a space that may cost only a few dollars to park in, local councils are prepared to fine you anywhere from $50 to $120.
    • 2011, Malcolm Knox, Greg Chappell, Fierce Focus, unnumbered page,
      The rort was that South Australia and Western Australia, who controlled their grounds, were allowed to double-dip. In Perth, for instance, the WACA sold season tickets, which they marketed in the form of memberships, to everything at the ground, including football. They had a huge membership and were rolling in money, but because they′d sold their tickets in memberships, they declared a loss on the cricket Test match. At the end of the season, though, they′d get the same twofourteenths[sic] of Pool Two as Queensland.


rort (third-person singular simple present rorts, present participle rorting, simple past and past participle rorted)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand, transitive) To cheat or defraud.
    • 1992, Victorian Legislative Assembly, Parliamentary Debates (Hansard), page 496,
      He wants to change the system for the benefit of all and wants to stop the incredible rorting that has occurred within the prisons system.
    • 2009 January 30, Ben Packham, “Same-sex couples accused of cheating system”, in Herald Sun[1]:
      SINGLE pensioners living together will come under scrutiny from Centrelink looking for same-sex couples rorting welfare.
    • 2011, James Morton, Susanna Lobez, Kings of Stings: The Greatest Swindles From Down Under, page 118,
      York is then alleged to have rorted the doctor out of his share.