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A rotisserie
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Alternative forms[edit]


From French rôtisserie. Doublet of rosticceria.


  • IPA(key): /ɹəʊˈtɪ.sə.ɹi/, /ɹəʊˈtɪs.ɹi/, /ɹəˈtɪ.sə.ɹi/, /ɹəˈtɪs.ɹi/


rotisserie (plural rotisseries)

  1. A cooking device with which food is roasted on a rotating spit.
    • 2007, Dan Huntley, Lisa Grace Lednicer, Extreme Barbecue: Smokin' Rigs and 100 Real Good Recipes, page 279,
      Rotisseries are essentially self-basting because most of the juices stay on the meat and distribute across it while the rotisserie is being turned.
    • 2010, Regina S. Baraban, Joseph F. Durocher, Successful Restaurant Design, page 150,
      Rotisseries cook with dry heat, but the continual rotation of foods as they cook helps maintain their natural juices.
    • 2010, Diane Phillips, The Ultimate Rotisserie Cookbook, page v,
      The Italians are famous for their little windup rotisseries that cook in wood—burning ovens.
    • 2011, Wayne Gisslen, Professional Cooking, 7th Edition, page 47,
      Rotisserie broilers cook meats and other foods by turning them slowly in front of electric or gas-powered heating elements.
  2. A shop or restaurant selling food cooked in this manner.
    • 1871, D. Appleton, Appletons' Hand-Book of American Travel: Western Tour, page 124,
      Restaurants, chop-houses, rotisseries, abound in every part[of San Francisco].
    • 1983, Sandra Hart, Best of the Caribbean, 1984, Fisher Travel Guides, page 215,
      We refuse to be drawn into the debate over which of St. Barts' two rotisseries is the best. They're both good.
    • 2009, Tom Masters, Europe on a Shoestring, page 818,
      Rue Chaouia, opposite the central market, is the best place for a quick bite, with a line of rotisseries, stalls and restaurants serving roast chicken, brochettes and sandwiches until past midnight.


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rotisserie (third-person singular simple present rotisseries, present participle rotisserieing, simple past and past participle rotisseried)

  1. (transitive) To cook on a rotisserie.