rug muncher

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A reference to cunnilingus.


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rug muncher (plural rug munchers)

  1. (slang, offensive) A lesbian.
    • 2007, Frédéric Beigbeder, Frank Wynne, Holiday in a coma: and, Love lasts three years (page 102)
      Marc knows all too well that a party without punch-ups, drugs, rug-munchers and corpses is hardly worth sticking around for.
    • 2008, Kimberley Chambers, Billie Jo:
      She'd never had much to do with rug munchers in the past and was fascinated by this woman.
    • 2011, Brett Kiellerop, My Big Fat Gay Life (page 55)
      One man, two bisexual women, and a total rug-muncher: the possibilities are endless.

Usage notes[edit]