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pubic hair (countable and uncountable, plural pubic hairs)

  1. (collectively) the hair that grows in the pubic region from puberty
    Synonyms: netherhair, bush, short and curlies, short hairs, pubes
    • 1959, William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch, page 67
      Negroes (teeth, fingers, toe nails and pubic hair gilded), Japanese boys smooth and white as china, Titian-haired Venetian lads, Americans with blond or black curls falling across the forehead (the guests tenderly shove it back), sulky blond Polacks with animal brown eyes, Arab and Spanish street boys, Austrian boys pink and delicate with a faint shadow of blond pubic hair, sneering German youths with bright blue eyes scream "Heil Hitler!" as the trap falls under them. Sollubis shit and whimper.
  2. (in the singular) a single hair growing in the pubic region


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