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rump +‎ -licious


rumpalicious (comparative more rumpalicious, superlative most rumpalicious)

  1. (slang) Having shapely and appealing buttocks.
    • 2001, Brett Johnson & Rebecca Louie, "Skin Flicks", Vibe, January 2001:
      The unmistakably rumpalicious video queen GLORIA VELEZ gets cheeky with JA RULE.
    • 2006, Mike Usinger, "Britney Spears gets mean as well as lean", The Georgia Straight, 15 November 2006:
      Over the past half-decade she’s French-kissed the world’s most famous MILF at the MTV Video Music Awards, had millions of repulsive-looking businessmen fantasize about joining the mile-high club with the video for “Toxic”, and done almost as much for babies who got back as the rump­alicious Jennifer Lopez.
    • 2011, Michael Sneed, "Turnabout? Cardinal George given communion — by Rev. Pfleger", Chicago Sun-Times, 29 November 2011:
      Pippa Middleton, future Brit Queen Kate Middleton’s sister with the famous derriere — has a new flame. The rumpalicious Middleton, who split with her banker beau three weeks ago, is now canoodling with a new man.
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