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rumpty-tumpty (comparative more rumpty-tumpty, superlative most rumpty-tumpty)

  1. With a lively beat and strong, non-syncopated rhythm; upbeat and bouncy.
    • 2004, Marion Arnott, "Dollface", in Ed Gorman, ‎Martin H. Greenberg (editors), The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories, Fifth Annual Collection, page 238
      It's a right rumpty-tumpty tune anyway.
    • 2014, Christopher Joll, The Speedicut Papers: Book 3 (1857-1865): Uncivil Wars, →ISBN, page 314:
      Well you know, sir, it's very difficult to have a favourite when it's all such jolly, rumpty-tumpty stuff.
    • 2014, Marc Alexander, The Dark Domain, →ISBN, page 151:
      I loved poetry in school, especially the rumpty-tumpty kind.



  1. A nonsense word, especially in simple or childish songs.
    • 1911, Eugene Field, The Holy Cross and Other Tales[1]:
      Rumpty-tumpty, pimplety-pan— / The flubdub courted a catamaran / But timplety-topplety, timpity-tare— / The flubdub wedded the big blue bear!


rumpty-tumpty (uncountable)

  1. Nonsense.
    • 2001, Benny Green & ‎Dominic Green, Such Sweet Thunder: Benny Green on Jazz, page 237:
      He believes the music should come first because otherwise the words will be nothing more than rumpty-tumpty.
  2. (slang, euphemistic, chiefly Britain) Sex.
    • 2012, Ellie Bennett, Mud, Sweat and Gears, →ISBN:
      This female was clearly not up for any rumpty tumpty in the grass, and she bopped her suitor a few times before he got the message and sulkily sloped back to his corner of the field.

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