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sacerdotal +‎ -ly


sacerdotally (comparative more sacerdotally, superlative most sacerdotally)

  1. In a sacerdotal manner, in the manner of a priest.
    • 1720, Samuel Parker, Biblioteca Biblica, Oxford: William and John Innys, Volume I, Part 2, Occasional Annotation 30, “The Pillar of Jacob,” p. 608,[1]
      [] first he Blessed the Place Sacerdotally, setting it apart by Solemn Rites for a Place of Divine Worship []
    • 1883 September 29, “Some Things of Old Spain”, in All the Year Round, volume 32, number 774, page 369:
      Some ladies went a dozen times in the day to hear mass, but paid little attention to what was going on sacerdotally.
    • 1925, Sinclair Lewis, chapter 23, in Arrowsmith[2], New York: Harcourt, Brace, published 1945, page 259:
      Pickerbaugh assigned to them the chief booth, on the platform once sacerdotally occupied by the Reverend Mr. Sunday.
    • 1937, Karen Blixen, Out of Africa[3], London: Putnam, published 1948, Part 5, Chapter 2:
      Here I saw for the first time, in any number to speak of, the Mission-boys, the converted Natives, half sacerdotally attired, whatever office they might be filling []

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