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From Old French sacerdotal, from Latin sacerdōtālis ‎(priestly).


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sacerdotal ‎(comparative more sacerdotal, superlative most sacerdotal)

  1. (religion) Of or relating to priests or a high religious order; priestly.
    • 1886, Henry James, The Bostonians.
      Verena's initial appearance in Boston, as he called her performance at Miss Birdseye's, had been a great success; and this reflection added, as I say, to his habitually sacerdotal expression. He looked like the priest of a religion that was passing through the stage of miracles; he carried his responsibility in the general elongation of his person, of his gestures (his hands were now always in the air, as if he were being photographed in postures), of his words and sentences, as well as in his smile, as noiseless as a patent hinge, and in the folds of his eternal waterproof.




sacerdotal m (feminine singular sacerdotale, masculine plural sacerdotaux, feminine plural sacerdotales)

  1. priestly

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