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From German: sauer (sour) + Braten (roast meat).


sauerbraten (countable and uncountable, plural sauerbratens)

  1. A German dish of roasted marinated horse meat or beef. (Today, in most cases, beef is used instead of horse meat; pork is also used.)
    • 1992 March 13, Jody Stern, “Restaurant Tours: joie de Germans?”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      My sauerbraten ($10.95) was a disaster, thin slices of beef drowned in a lake of gravy, and way too sauer, although the accompanying spaetzle were firm and buttery.
    • 1994 July 22, Grant Pick, “Bigot for Hire”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      The worst thing that would have happened if Germany had won is that I'd be speaking German now and eating sauerbraten instead of hamburger," he says. "
    • 2006 November 24, Michael Gebhert/Mike Sula/David Hammond, “Critic's Choice/Roast Pheasant in a Sleigh and Other Eastern European Delights”, in Chicago Reader[3]:
      But some meat dishes, like the sauerbraten, are drenched in sauces that tend to be a little too heavy and sweet.