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From Old Irish scaílid (scatters, disperses; dissipates, disperses; disseminates, spreads; spreads out, extends; releases, looses; undoes, opens).


scaoil (present analytic scaoileann, future analytic scaoilfidh, verbal noun scaoileadh, past participle scaoilte)

  1. to loose, loosen, release, discharge
    1. to undo, untie, unfasten
    2. to slacken
    3. to let out, spread, unfurl
    4. to release, open
    5. (medicine) to loosen (the bowels)
  2. to let go, discharge
    1. to disband, disperse; to break loose
    2. to dissolve
    3. to resolve
    4. to remove, relieve
    5. to make known, reveal
    6. to give away, distribute
  3. to discharge, fire; to shoot


Derived terms[edit]