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Ancient Greek σκιά (skiá, shadow) +‎ -graph.


sciagraph (plural sciagraphs)

  1. (architecture, archaic) A vertical section of a building; a sciagraphy.
  2. (physics) A radiograph.


sciagraph (third-person singular simple present sciagraphs, present participle sciagraphing, simple past and past participle sciagraphed)

  1. (transitive) To create a sciagraph (radiograph) of; to look inside by this or a similar technique.
    • 1996, Victor Horta (baron), Françoise Aubry, Jos Vandenbreeden, Horta: art nouveau to modernism, page 107:
      The lighting from above also had a specific function: providing an even legibility to those "shaded" or sciagraphed areas treated with the technique known as schiacciato as to those of high relief.
    • 2002, Tim Whitmarsh, “Written on the Body: Ekphrasis, Perception and Deception in Heliodorus' Aethiopica”, in Ramus, volume 31, number 1-2:
      This is a text centrally about a girl who is herself an illusionistic artwork: her white skin is the canvas upon which a wholly misleading cultural portrait is sciagraphed.
    • 2017, Jianqiang Liu, Daming Ren, Xianguo Huang, Peng Gao, Remote exposure control device, digital radiography system and exposing method for the system (US patent US20170035383A1):
      Compared with the prior arts, the remote exposure control device of an embodiment can remotely control and monitor an FPD, facilitating realizing sciagraphing by one key and improving the work efficiency of users.