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scient- (stem of science) + -i- +‎ -cide (killing)



scienticide (plural not attested)

  1. (rare) Destruction or debasement of scientific method, understanding, and/or infrastructure; a (figurative) killing of science.
    • 1997: Dževad Juzbašić [ed.], Prilozi Historiji Sarajeva, page 523 (Institut za Istoriju, Orijentalni Institut)
      In the AVNOJ-Yugoslav period, a significant network of educational-scientific and scientific-research institutions was developed. In the period of the Chetnik, tiral-fascist aggression, Sarajevo has experienced an actual scienticide.
    • 2000: Alexander E. Sedov, New Russian myths around genetic research in mass-media and in common mind, §3: “Negation and ignorance of heredity in fSU and in modern Russia”, page 5
      Their myths neglected the heredity, while their “research” activities were full of primitive mistakes and falsifications, and followed by the massive administrative terror that was supported by the government. It led to the broad “scienticide” in fSU.