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scramble +‎ -y


scrambly (comparative more scrambly, superlative most scrambly)

  1. (of a walk) Involving a certain amount of climbing.
    • 1999, Ronald Turnbull, Walking in the Lowther Hills
      You can now take a steep and scrambly path uphill to the higher, waymarked path, or else return to the roadside for the official start of that same path.
    • 2003, Gillian Price, Walking in the Dolomites
      A ledge takes you behind the first fall, then it's over a rise and down a steep scrambly gully in the shadow of towering red flanks...
    • 2006, Dan Bailey, Scotland's mountain ridges
      In summer this is a scrambly mixture of vegetation and loose rock; when frozen solid or snow covered it's rather more pleasant.
  2. (informal) scrambled, mixed-up
    • 1999, Jasmine Lee O'Neill, Through the eyes of aliens: a book about autistic people
      It is possible, in this scrambly way, not only to see colours, but almost to smell them, too.