screw you

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Alternative forms[edit]


screw you

  1. (vulgar) A slightly less offensive version of fuck you.
    You'll just lie in your bed all day rather than help us? Well, screw you.
    Screw you—go annoy someone else!
    Screw you! You think you can come to my house dressed like a slob?



screw you (plural screw yous)

  1. An act of defiance and contempt.
    • 1997, Computer Gaming World - Volumes 150-153:
      You know what it is about that game, the thing that id Software says isn't worth their time (which I personally believe is a big screw you to us gamers),
    • 2011, Jason Hawes, ‎Grant Wilson, ‎Tim Waggoner, Ghost Trackers, →ISBN, page 7:
      Partly as a 'screw you' to all the people who treated me so badly, to be honest. Show them the ugly duckling has morphed into a swan, that kind of thing.
    • 2017, Nina Levine, Hyde's Absolution:
      Well, how about we talk about the way you disrespected me for the last fourteen years by ignoring me? That kinda felt like a big screw you from you to me.”