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From sea change +‎ -er.


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seachanger (plural seachangers)

  1. (Australia) One who moves to a location in proximity to the ocean, for whom such a move is an extreme shift in one's life.
    • 2008, James Woodford, Real Dirt: How I Beat My Grid-Life Crisis, page 89,
      The hardest challenge – one to be faced by every aspiring seachanger – is the slide back down the greasy corporate pole.
    • 2009, Nicola Williams, Oliver Berry, Steve Fallon, France, Lonely Planet, page 651,
      Rapid rail links with the rest of the country have today made the Atlantic Coast popular with seachangers, as well as with students attending the area′s many major universities.
    • 2010, Adrian Walker, Diary of a Snake Whisperer, page 6,
      Both seachangers and treechangers have become a common phenomena in the tropics as the southern boom drives housing prices higher and higher, enabling many, both self funded retirees and even younger folk to move north with expactation of a relaxed and idle lifestyle, far removed from the pace and pressures of city living.

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