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  1. indefinite dative singular of segl




  1. plural of seglo



Alternative forms[edit]


A parallel form to (still dialectally attested) sedli, from Proto-Baltic *sedula, from Proto-Indo-European *sed- (to sit) (whence also Latvian sēdēt (to sit), q.v.) with an extra ul; the original meaning was thus “seat” (cf. Latin sella (seat; saddle)). Some researchers consider this word a borrowing from Slavic languages, but others point out that the stem *sed- did survive in Baltic: e.g., segliņš (spindle-tree), named after the similarity between its fruit and a saddle. The two parallel forms segli and sedli co-existed well into the 19th century, at the end of which segli became the preferred form in the standard language. Cognates include Proto-Slavic *sedъlo (Old Church Slavonic седьло (sedĭlo), Russian, Bulgarian седло́ (sedló), Czech sedlo, Polish siodło), Old High German satul, satal, German Sattel, English saddle.[1]


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segli m (1st declension)

  1. saddle (horse tack item, placed on the back of a horse either for riding or for attaching a load to the back of the animal)
    jātnieka seglirider's saddle
    kavalērijas seglicavalry saddle
    nastu segliharness (lit. burden) saddle
    seglu jostasaddle strap, cinch
    seglu kāpslisstirrup (lit. saddle footboard)
    piesprādzēt seglusto fasten the saddle
    sēdēt seglosto sit in the saddle
    izlēkt no segliemto jump out of the saddle
    viņš smagi uzsēdās zirgā, ilgi nevarēdams ierīkoties seglos, kā nākashe sat heavily on the horse, for a while unable to settle properly in the saddle
  2. (dated sense) seat (on a bicycle, motorcycle, etc.}}
    sēsties seglos velosipēdamto sit down on the bicycle seat


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Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]


segli n

  1. (non-standard since 2012) plural definite of segl