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  1. indefinite dative singular of segl



Alternative forms[edit]


A parallel form to (still dialectally attested) sedli, from Proto-Baltic *sedula, from Proto-Indo-European *sed- ‎(to sit) (whence also Latvian sēdēt “to sit”, q.v.) with an extra ul; the original meaning was thus “seat” (cf. Latin sella, both “seat” and “saddle”). Some researchers consider this word a borrowing from Slavic languages, but others point out that the stem *sed- did survive in Baltic: e.g., segliņš ‎(spindle-tree), named after the similarity between its fruit and a saddle. The two parallel forms segli and sedli co-existed well into the 19th century, at the end of which segli became the preferred form in the standard language. Cognates include Proto-Slavic *sedъlo (Old Church Slavonic седьло ‎(sedǐlo), Russian, Bulgarian седло ‎(sedló), Czech sedlo, Polish siodło), Old High German satul, satal, German Sattel, English saddle.[1]


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segli m (1st declension)

  1. saddle (horse tack item, placed on the back of a horse either for riding or for attaching a load to the back of the animal)
    jātnieka segli — rider's saddle
    kavalērijas segli — cavalry saddle
    nastu segli — harness (lit. burden) saddle
    seglu jostasaddle strap, cinch
    seglu kāpslis — stirrup (lit. saddle footboard)
    piesprādzēt seglus — to fasten the saddle
    sēdēt seglos — to sit in the saddle
    izlēkt no segliem — to jump out of the saddle
    viņš smagi uzsēdās zirgā, ilgi nevarēdams ierīkoties seglos, kā nākas — he sat heavily on the horse, for a while unable to settle properly in the saddle
  2. (dated) seat (on a bicycle, motorcycle, etc.}}
    sēsties seglos velosipēdam — to sit down on the bicycle seat


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