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An overlock or serger sewing machine.
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From serge +‎ -er.



serger (plural sergers)

  1. (sewing) A type of sewing machine designed to produce an overlock stitch and to cut the fabric as it stitches.
    • 2008, Shannon Okey, The Pillow Book: Over 25 Simple-to-Sew Patterns for Every Room and Every Mood, page 31:
      If using a serger instead of a sewing machine, remember to eliminate or otherwise take into account the seam allowances given to each pattern, or you may end up with a larger pillow than expected. [] Sergers, which create a series of overlapping stitches on the actual edge of the fabric, cutting away the excess, do not require seam allowances.
    • 2008, Madlyn Easley, Quick and Easy Window Treatments: 15 Easy-Sew Projects that Build Skills, Too, page 20:
      If you have a serger, you can use it to finish fabric edges so they don't ravel, but the zigzag stitch on your regular machine works well, too.
    • 2010, Cait London, Instinctive Male, page 158:
      With that, Mikhail sat down to place spools of thread on the serger, studying the directions and clearly dismissing her.


  • (type of sewing machine): overlock machine