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From sero- +‎ positive.


seropositive (not comparable)

  1. Testing positive for a given pathogen, especially HIV (HIV positive). (of blood serum)
  2. Having seropositive blood serum. (of a person or animal)
    • 1990 April 21, Robb Johnson, “AIDS Education in Guatemala”, in Gay Community News, page 4:
      They offer individual and group counseling to seropositive individuals, street outreach education, and an educational workshop series for people at risk.
    • 2004, Paul D. Griffiths, “Cytomegalovirus”, in Arie J. Zuckerman et al., editors, Principles and Practice of Clinical Virology[1], 5th edition, John Wiley and Sons, →ISBN, page 108:
      Other tests (marked ‘+ +’ in Table 2C.8) are more sensitive in that they produce higher antibody titres but they do not detect substantially more seropositive individuals in a population.


Derived terms[edit]



seropositive (plural seropositives)

  1. A person with that blood