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From sex +‎ -ful.


sexful (comparative more sexful, superlative most sexful)

  1. Full of sexual desire, longing, or activity; sexual.
    • 1893, George Moore, Evelyn Innes, →ISBN (2010 reprint by Forgotten Books), p. 232:
      [S]he had heard it sung by two grey-haired men in the Papal choir in Rome, soprano voices of a rarer and more radiant timbre than any woman's sexful voice.
    • 1990, Stephen Vizinczey, An Innocent Millionaire, →ISBN, p. 12:
      Mark's father . . . was an actor. . . . After perishing as a Christian martyr in an epic about the last sexful days of the Roman Empire, he would come back to life only to be killed again halfway through a Western filmed in Spain.
    • 2005, Richard V. Shriver, The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II
      The nature of the human soul is sexful, not sexless. It is full of the qualities of the best of both sexes. All men should have some feminine qualities, as all women should have some masculine qualities.