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From sex +‎ -ful.


sexful ‎(comparative more sexful, superlative most sexful)

  1. Full of sexual desire, longing, or activity; sexual.
    • 1893, George Moore, Evelyn Innes, ISBN 9781440075346 (2010 reprint by Forgotten Books), p. 232:
      [S]he had heard it sung by two grey-haired men in the Papal choir in Rome, soprano voices of a rarer and more radiant timbre than any woman's sexful voice.
    • 1990, Stephen Vizinczey, An Innocent Millionaire, ISBN 9780226858890, p. 12:
      Mark's father . . . was an actor. . . . After perishing as a Christian martyr in an epic about the last sexful days of the Roman Empire, he would come back to life only to be killed again halfway through a Western filmed in Spain.
  2. Sexy.