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sheep +‎ meat


sheepmeat (usually uncountable, plural sheepmeats)

  1. The meat of a sheep, used as food; mutton.
    • 1986, Tam Dalyell, "Castles in the air", New Scientist, 17 July 1986:
      I do not know what will be the outcome of the argument about levels of radioactive caesium in sheepmeat (alias mutton or lamb) in North Wales and Cumbria, let alone in Scotland.
    • 1995, Julian Roche, The International Wool Trade, Woodhead Publishing (1995), →ISBN, page 114:
      Wool and sheepmeat combined form New Zealand's largest export industry: wool on its own is the fourth largest.
    • 1999, Jennifer M. Ames & Michelle M. Sutherland, "Effect of Castration and Slaughter Age on The Flavor of Sheepmeat", in Quality Attributes of Muscle Foods (eds. Youling L. Xiong, Chi-Tang Ho, & Fereidoon Shahidi), Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers (1999), →ISBN, page 148:
      However, the full effects of castration on sheepmeat flavor remain unclear and other factors, including age at slaughter, also need to be considered.
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