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shell +‎ -y


shelly ‎(comparative shellier, superlative shelliest)

  1. Composed of the shells of dead marine creatures
  2. Resembling, or comprising, the shell of a mollusc
    • 1818, Charles Lamb, “On the Sight of Swans in Kensington Garden”, in The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb[2]:
      Shrined are your offspring in a chrystal cradle, / Brighter than Helen's ere she yet had burst / Her shelly prison.
    • 1906, Harry Caulton Reeks, Diseases of the Horse's Foot[3]:
      It is seen commonly in connection with flat-foot, and where the horn of the wall is thin and shelly.
  3. Abounding with shells.
    • Prior
      the shelly shore
    • William Shakespeare
      Shrinks backward in his shelly cave.