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Alternative forms[edit]


According to Orel, borrowed through Vulgar Latin from the deponent Latin sequor (to follow), in particular oculis sequor ("to follow with eyes").[1] Ultimately a doublet of shoh via Proto-Indo-European.

However, Çabej deems it a word which has come fairly recently into usage, unlike the ancient borrowing Orel proposes. It is lacking in the Meshari of Buzuku completely, and also in certain dialects in Southern Albania and in Italy and Greece it's nowhere to be heard. This leads to the assumption that it's not a very old term, thus a potential Latin origin disputable.[2] Possibly an enlargment with the verbal suffix -oj.



shikoj (first-person singular past tense shikova, participle shikuar)

  1. I look at; I observe; I examine
  2. I take care
  3. I attend to
  4. I check


Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


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